Court Martial Lawyer: All You Need to Know

court martial lawyer in honolulu

As an active U.S. military member, nothing about your life is like a civilian. Your day-to-day requires you to live a very special lifestyle. When you need legal representation, why would you hire someone who doesn’t understand this? Rather than take a chance, it’s recommended that you retain the services of a court martial lawyer.

What is a Court Martial Lawyer?

A court martial lawyer, also known as a martial lawyer or a military lawyer, is someone who specializes in the unique legal areas of the U.S. military. A military lawyer may represent military members within any branch of the Navy, Army, Marines, or Air Force. Military personnel can contact a military legal attorney if they need legal representation. They can represent you in a military court for a variety of reasons, including military investigations, Article 32 pretrial hearings, Court-martial, Military Court of Inquiry, and appeals before the Army, Navy-Marine, and Air Force Courts of Criminal Appeals and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces.

Your primary goal is to hire someone capable of offering a strong defense. The nuances of military regulations and the UCMJ can make military defense cases unique. That is why it’s best to hire an attorney that exclusively represents clients in military law cases. For those in the Honolulu area, this experienced and trusted legal representation comes from Ganz and Bridges Law Office. We know when you look into our reputation representing clients like you, you’ll realize that we have the skills, experience, and personal dedication necessary to provide you the best defense available.

You want to be certain you feel comfortable working with the legal professional who will be representing you, and you’ll find that with Mark Bridges and Natanyah Ganz. They have extensive experience with military criminal investigations, criminal charges, motions practice, contesting jury and bench trials, sentencing proceedings, post-trial proceedings, as well as appellate representation of convicted soldiers.

Retain a Court Martial Lawyer From Ganz and Bridges Law Office

Choosing the right attorney can play a critical role in the outcome of your case. When you need a lawyer, we want to hear from you. Mark A. Bridges is a leading authority on military justice. He is recognized as one of the premier criminal law litigators in the military throughout the Honolulu area.

It’s wise to hire an experienced military attorney when you’re facing something as serious as a court martial. You likely already know this much. However, you may not realize it’s particularly important to seek an attorney who has experience handling cases similar to yours. Mark A. Bridges brings over 30 years of experience to his boutique civilian law practice focused exclusively on the defense of Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen. This means he is sure to have worked on a case very similar to yours, bringing the experience you need to feel peace of mind. Don’t trust your life to the legal defense services of anyone else!

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